SR-S6000 Class 4/5 Solution

Formerly MVTS Pro + RTU

Powerful Function. One Solution.

For stable IP services delivered to end users in one powerful product.

SR-S6000 combines two modules: a Transit Traffic Module (Class 4) and a Value Added Services module (Class 5), allowing providers to select from a combination of Class 4 and Class 5 licensing models.

SR-S6000 functions as a scalable and flexible solution for IP-based networks designed to provide Value Added Services (VAS) to:

  • Retail customers.
  • Internet Service Providers.
  • Local Exchange Carriers.


  • Premier solution when interconnection with another carrier is needed.
  • Supports VoIP protocols SIP, H.323; two-way conversion.
  • Supports SIP-T/I, ETSI ISUP (SIGTRAN), and MGCP for interconnection with SS7 networks.
  • Transcoding between all popular media codecs.
  • Operates as a gatekeeper / SIP registrar.
  • Supports DTMF transfer.
  • Authorization and authentication.
  • Integration with external billing and routing systems.

SR-S6000 Provides VAS for Telecom Operators in the retail market by:

  • Integrating both fixed & mobile technologies allowing IP services to be adapted to the complexities of modern telecom traffic.
  • Deploying a distributed corporate IP-based solution.
  • Providing a flexible VoIP delivery engine, one for all access networks and service types.
  • Allowing providers to offer their own OTT-like service.

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