Internet Service Providers

Value Added Services along with a variety of signaling an multi-media protocol solutions

SR-S4000 is a flexible solution that easily integrates into an existing network and effectively manages large volumes of traffic with SBC functionality. Simple to use, configure and manage, the SR-S4000 provides a carrier-grade solution for effective traffic management and wholesale peering.

We specialize in:

  • Building a corporate voice network on a single, reliable platform.
  • Efficient call management.
  • Seamlessly integration into any service providers’ network.
  • Flexible value-added services for residential and business customers within a high performing multi-functional Class 5 VoIP platform.

Our Solution Provides Carriers:

  • A full-featured service platform including value-added services (VAS) for residential and corporate accounts.
  • IP Centrex, Virtual and Mobile Offices.
  • Corporate IP PBX.
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Powerful Function.
One Solution:

When Internet Service Providers (ISP), local exchange carriers and large corporations need stable VoIP services delivered to their end users in one powerful solution. The SR-S6000 is a combination of a Transit Traffic Module (Class 4) and a Value Added Services Module (Class 5) along with a combination of licensing models.

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