VoIP Wholesale Carriers

For Wholesale Network Peering, Integrated Routing, Billing and Least Cost Routing for the best quality VoIP solution

SR-S4000 is a flexible solution that easily integrates into an existing network and effectively manages large volumes of traffic with SBC functionality. Simple to use, configure and manage, the SR-S4000 provides a carrier-grade solution for effective traffic management and wholesale peering.

“Stability Meets Scalability”

Beyond being the most powerful high-capacity soft switch in its class, the SR-S4000 offers the flexible integration into an existing infrastructure with:

  • Multi-protocol support from a single vendor.
  • Protocol conversion.
  • RADIUS AAA for simple billing and smart routing integration.
  • Class 5 Add-On Capabilities.
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Fully Integrated Class-4

SR-S4500 is an effective 4-in-1 wholesale VoIP Class 4 solution for optimized switching, routing, billing, and border control functionality.

Makes Functionality a No-Brainer:

SR-S4500 contains both a switching and a management layer. The switching layer contains one or more Traffic Switch modules; the management layer contains Traffic Manager which operates as the core of SR-S4500’s routing intellect and data storage.

The SR-S4500 offers fast, seamless integration between network components through:

  • VoIP Network peering and direct VoIP termination.
  • Traffic aggregation and management.
  • IP and PSTN interconnection.
  • SIP over broadband IP wireless network.
  • SIP & RTP within SS7 infrastructure.

Our Plug & Play Solution Offers:

  • Advanced routing capabilities with low cost routing (LCR) and profitability control.
  • Robust billing and business optimization.
  • SIP and H.323 support, codec conversion, flexible proxy options.
  • Protocol integration, transcoding and network topology hiding.
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